This Russian Pizzeria Will Deliver Your Pizza By Drone


Drone DoDo Pizza


Tapping into the recent drone craze, a pizzeria in Russia is now delivering its orders via drones.


DoDo Pizza rolled out the service to residents in Syktyvkar, Russia, and it completed its first unmanned delivery this past Saturday, according to RT.

While this is not the first drone pizza delivery - Domino's did a similar stunt with its DomiCopter - it seems to be the first to continue the service past an initial test.

According to RT, the drone delivered a pizza order in 30 minutes using GPS and video cameras to ensure the pizza reached the right recipient. Additionally, the restaurant's manager called each customer to make sure the order had arrived.

The drone always flies higher 20 meters off the ground to make sure nobody steals it, and the pizza is lowered by a cable to the customer. If someone tugs at the cable to pull down the drone, the drone will release the cable and fly away.


Drone delivery has been the center of much discussion following Amazon's announcement that it plans to implement drone delivery. The company is looking to roll out Amazon Prime Air in 2015. The announcement has gotten a lot of criticism, but the hype is building, and who knows, the service could even cut down on delivery truck traffic.

You can watch the pizza delivery here: