This e-commerce startup is giving you money to socialize

This e-commerce startup is giving you money to socialize

As the craze of using social media has settled down comparatively than a couple of years ago, and people now reason out that it is more of an addiction than any value addition in their lives, there’s someone who is trying to keep ‘the need to socialize digitally’ going.

We are taking about ‘Sagoon’ - a new-age social commerce startup based in Noida. This newbie is developing a suite of applications that helps build intimacy between family, friends, and co-workers, and earn while they socialize. It’s literally paying you to be social.

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The company saw potential in the Social media market in India and by sharing 5% of company’s revenue with every single user, the company wants you to take the cake too.


The social commerce global market is estimated to be about $300 billion worth and this one-of-its-kind platform has already gained more than 2,55,000 global users and ‘a waiting list of over one million’.

How does it work

Sagoon offers features like:

1) My Day to create and share schedules and to-do lists, and set reminders
2) Secret Sharing tool to secretly share a learning, finding, experience or a thought
3) Mood Talk emoticons, stickers for a group or private chat.

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With the introduction of “Social Smart Card” by the end of 2016, users will receive an online shopping card that allows them to earn money, spend money, redeem coupons and give gifts to their loved ones while sharing and exchanging information. That could be the real game changer.

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Business Insider looked for people who signed up on Sagoon and many users said that they didn’t understand the product completely on Quora. Another thing to point out is that while this company is offering something unique, it doesn’t have the capability to disrupt the market yet. Let’s wait and watch.