'This shows who he's actually keeping out': Instagram account posts photos of 'banned grandmas' to protest Trump's travel ban


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REUTERS/Kate Munsch

12-year old Eman Ali of Yemen is reunited with her family as she arrives at San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco after Trump's ban was lifted in February.

President Donald Trump's travel ban has a new opponent: grandmothers.

Since the Supreme Court allowed parts of the White House's travel ban from six Muslim-majority countries to take effect in June, an Instagram account called "Banned Grandmas" has been posting photos of grandmothers who now can't see their families in the US.

Holly Dagres, a 31-year-old Iranian-American political analyst now based in Jerusalem, started the account in order to put faces to the people who would be affected by the travel ban.

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Meet some of the banned grandmas: