scorecardThis unique healthcare app gives a solution to the Dengue crisis in Delhi!
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This unique healthcare app gives a solution to the Dengue crisis in Delhi!

This unique healthcare app gives a solution to the Dengue crisis in Delhi!
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With the recent outbreak of an epidemic like Dengue, even in a city like Delhi, which has the second highest number of hospital beds in the country, there was reportedly an acute shortage of hospital beds.

Looking at the larger frame, in India there is an extreme shortage of healthcare facilities, there are only 1.1 beds per 1000 population. Yet, paradoxically even large branded private hospitals run at a low occupancy rate of less than 70%. AIIMS with its infamous 2-3 year wait period runs at an occupancy rate of 83%.

Hence, Circle of Life Healthcare Private Limited has launched an app called ‘myCOL’ (my Circle of Life) to simplify the hospitalization experience for patients and their caretakers in India by removing the asymmetry of information regarding hospital facilities and assist the patient in his hour of need.

“Our vision is to democratize healthcare and remove the fear which patients and caretakers feel when approaching a hospital for an In-patient Procedure. myCOL combines the benefits of technology and human touch, to deliver a unique product to the services-starved patient” said Vaibhav Singh, Co-founder and CEO, myCOL.

Why is there an asymmetry?

No comprehensive database of hospitals in vicinity/in city/in region (NCR alone has more than 1400 IPD facilities).

No comprehensive database of practicing specialists & experts.

Asymmetry of information regarding bed availability.

Excessive time in complying with admission procedures and paperwork ( nearly 3 hours; 11 million man hours p.a. in Delhi)

Difficulties in claims; reduces trust on medical insurance.

Unacceptable time to discharge ( about 6 hours)

These lead to inefficient utilisation of existing resources and outbreak of an epidemic exposes the fatality of the situation.


This unique app comes to the rescue by providing exhaustive information of more than 1300 hospitals across the city, irrespective of size and facilities in three simple steps- open, choose and click.

Shortly, the company will also operationalize its flagship service whereby it will provide a free personal assistant to the user, who will take care of all procedural formalities at the time of hospitalization.

Salient Features

Map Based Exhaustive Search

myCOL works as a veritable encyclopedia offering unbiased information on all medical facilities and practitioners in your region vide a user-friendly map based listing and search functionality.

Personal Assistant

Long queues and waiting time at hospitals add to the stress of hospitalization. myCOL’s service involves instant assignment of a personal assistant to the user who will handle all the administrative tasks like admission, insurance coordination and discharge. This will allow the caretaker to focus solely on the wellbeing of the patient rather than getting unnecessarily bogged down by the infamous three hour waits at admission and six hour discharge processes.

Health Records

myCOL provides a cloud-based facility to store all health records including prescriptions, invoices, insurance papers etc. for self and family members. With its unique share facility, you can share records with your doctors or your loved ones with ease. Now do away with those archaic manual files and create an indexed online medical repository.

Reminder Facility

Never miss out on any medications or appointments. The innovative reminder service allows the guardian to keep a tab on medicine compliance by the aged through an efficient notification facility.

Take care of your family members

myCOL allows you to create groups for your loved ones through the unique myCircle feature and take complete charge of their health.

(Image credits: myCOL, utoronto)