This Window Can Transform Your Apartment Into A Tropical Oasis




Sunlight can have a huge impact on our wellbeing and mental health. There's even a name for it: seasonal affective disorder (SAD).


We've all been there. Those rainy, gloomy days just put us in a bad mood.

But now a company called CoeLux has the perfect solution: a window that can artificially fill a room with "sunlight" to make you feel like you're actually on an exotic island.

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The window uses nanotechnology to reproduce natural light and offers different settings based on your sun preferences. So you can select a tropical ambience, a Mediterranean feel, or the Nordic experience.

CoeLux makes it seem like there's actually a sun shining through, and they change the angle of the light depending on which setting you prefer. For tropical sunlight, the window uses a 60-degree angle, producing a cooler, vertical sunlight. For Mediterranean, it uses a 45-degree angle that creates an equal balance of light and shade. And for the Nordic setting, it uses a 30-degree angle to produce a warm, grazing light.


Beyond just making an apartment sunnier, CoeLux has grand aspirations of changing public spaces like subways and parking garages as well. Imagine if instead of the dingy, depressing subway stop, you encountered a brightly light and pleasant environment.

The Italian-based company does not list any prices or its site, but you can contact them here for more information.