This woman left Wall Street and opened 'the most famous bar on the planet' using the formula of beautiful girls plus booze


Coyotes Ugly

Coyote Ugly


The founder of Coyote Ugly - the wildest, sexiest, rowdiest bar that calls itself the most famous in the world - says there is more to her success than boobs and booze.

"We're like family," founder Lil Lovell told Business Insider of the Coyote Ugly community, celebrating the landmark New York City location's 23rd anniversary.

She has a point. As Lovell chatted with Business Insider, regulars and former Coyotes flocked to greet her. Lovell pointed out loyalists throughout the room - customers who visited locations across the country, regulars who had visited the bar religiously for more than two decades, Coyotes who had danced on the bar on opening night.

Here's the journey of how Lowell was able to create the 'Most Famous Bar in the World,' combining scantily clad girls and stiff drinks to create a space that still feels like home, 23 years later.