Three Reasons Taco Bell Breakfast Will Totally Dominate


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Taco Bell

This week, Taco Bell announced it is going to start offering breakfast on March 27.


The fast food breakfast market is difficult to break into. In 2012, Wendy's attempted to launch breakfast and failed.

But Taco Bell's new menu, which includes a Waffle Taco and Breakfast Crunchwrap, will be likely be a smashing success, brand-building expert Denise Lee Yohn writes on her blog.

She provides three reasons Taco Bell's new menu will succeed.

  • Taco Bell knows its audience. "The Waffle Taco is the perfect product for the brand's target audience: Millennials," Yoon writes. "It's likely to score high on crave-ability and share-worthiness among young adults who are looking for something fresh and new."
  • The chain realizes details are important. The packaging for the Waffle Taco will be "Instagram-worthy," the brand told AdAge. Attention to detail will ensure that Taco Bell's breakfast stands out, Yoon says.
  • Taco Bell created plenty of buzz. "The chain is tapping the vast and passionate social network it has built over the last couple of years," Yoon writes. "With its Doritos Locos Taco campaigns, it learned how mobile and social interactions can drive a successful launch."

Taco Bell will still have a couple of obstacles to overcome.


"If (Taco Bell) gets the pricing right, and if it executes well-two very important 'ifs'-then it will finally have a sustained success at breakfast," Yoon writes.