Tiger Woods says his return to golf has been tough for his kids because they 'associated golf with pain'

Tiger Woods says his return to golf has been tough for his kids because they 'associated golf with pain'

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Tiger Woods won the 2019 Masters Tournament with his kids there to celebrate.

  • In an interview with Dana Jacobson of "CBS This Morning," Tiger Woods said his return to golf was difficult for his kids, who grew up associating golf with pain.
  • Since 1994, Woods has undergone eight surgeries: four knee surgeries and four on his back.
  • In 2017, he had an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion, which was the most successful so far in allowing him to live relatively pain-free.
  • Woods won the 2019 Masters Tournament, which was one of the most historic comebacks in history, while also being a moment he would remember for the rest of his life as his kids were there to celebrate.
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Tiger Woods had his first knee surgery in 1994. At one point, it appeared his career was coming to an end.

For over two decades, he was in pain while walking and at some points could not even get up. That time spanned the lives of his children, 10-year-old Charlie and 12-year-old Sam.

Woods later had three more knee surgeries and four back surgeries. His most recent procedure, an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion, was done in 2017 and gave him the ability to live his life relatively pain-free.

For his kids, Woods' return to golf has been bittersweet.


"I am just Dad. That's all they know," Woods told Dana Jacobson of "CBS This Morning." "They associated golf with pain. And, you know, that was - that's - you know, still is one of the tougher things that they're both excited I'm playing again. But also, 'You okay, Dad?' You know, that kinda thing. It - 'cause they - they remember those times when Dad couldn't get off the couch."

When Woods won his first major championship in 11 years at the 2019 Masters Tournament at Augusta, his kids were there to celebrate the remarkable comeback with him.

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It was a chance for Woods to show his kids that their dad could still accomplish what they see in highlight videos.

"Daddy has won golf tournaments, and he's not the YouTube guy. He's not the YouTube golfer. You know, that they - that they've seen the highlights. They see highlights of that guy. You know, I'm not that guy. I can still do it," Woods said.


"For them to see it, feel it, and feel the electricity of that crowd … It gives me chills just thinking about it."