Today is National Margarita Day - here's the trick to making a perfect margarita at home


Today is National Margarita Day, which is a pretty clear directive to head straight to your nearest bar for a tequila-based cocktail.


But how to whip up the perfect drink at home?

First, high-quality ingredients are key. Don't skimp on tequila, but instead go for a 100% agave option with a smooth finish. Fresh limes (instead of pre-packaged lime juice) will make a huge difference as well, offering a zesty citrus punch that won't be overly sweet.

Second, keep to tried-and-true proportions. As Chris Hall writes in Bon Apetit, "balance accounts for the difference between a good drink and a bad one," and no one wants a margarita that's overly sugary or burning with tequila.

Finally, keep the blender in the cabinet. For that authentic margarita experience, you'll want one served on the rocks - or straight up. Just shake with ice and pour in a classic margarita glass, garnished with salt.


Check out our foolproof margarita recipe, below:

Margarita Graphic

Mike Nudelman/Business Insider