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Butterfly basin: Astronomers find the biggest known reservoir of planet-forming ingredients around a young star!

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, countless elements and compounds converge in cosmic clouds, offe…

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3 mins read

Maps show how humans are destroying the world's forests

Deforestation is a threat to animals ranging from jaguars in Brazil to orangutans in Indonesia, as …

Reuters,Kelly Dickerson   

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22 mins read

An indigenous tribe in Washington is strategically placing beavers around to help salmon

Although beavers won't singlehandedly save us from climate change, such findings suggest they m…

Ben Goldfarb, bioGraphic   

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Apple's smart photo app will be way behind Google's - here's why

Graph, Graphs, Abacus, Abacuses, Abalone, Abalones, Ear Shell, Ear Shells, Accordion, Accordions, P…