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2 mins read

CESL launches biggest ever tender worth ₹5,500 crore for 5,580 electric buses

It said the tender value is estimated to be Rs 5,500 crore. The cities to be covered under …


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5 mins read

The US ditched its last flying boats 38 years ago, but they could still help fill the gaps against China in the Pacific

The US military has long seen seaplanes as antiquated, but competition with China across the Pacifi…

Benjamin Brimelow   

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7 mins read

Casinos made Macau one of the wealthiest places in the world — but they also brought heightened inequality and crime. Now, China is cracking down.

Macau's gaming liberalization in 2002 was meant to make the city a world center for tourism. That d…

Raini Hamdi   

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13 mins read

How a midsize construction firm used political influence, litigation, and media stunts — and secured $2 billion in Trump border-wall contracts

Fisher Sand & Gravel, led by CEO Tommy Fisher, made a sharp recovery after having its prototype per…

Mia Jankowicz   

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12 mins read

I spent $30 on Trader Joe's groceries for a week of meals. Here's what I bought and how I used it.

I bought a week's worth of food from the popular chain with $30. Here are my recipes, how I budgete…

Savanna Swain-Wilson   

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11 mins read

PM Modi ends Rs 500, Rs 1000 currency notes. Read his full address here

He urged Indians to bear with temporary hardships in the implementation of the new rule. "We are No…

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32 mins read

A famous poet's advice for college graduates in this 177-year-old commencement speech is still surprisingly relevant

Whenever the pulpit is usurped by a formalist, then is the worshipper defrauded and disconsolate. W…

Abby Jackson   

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50 mins read

'That's Not All!' Kevin Trudeau, The World's Greatest Salesman, Makes One Last Pitch

Shortly thereafter Trudeau took his skills as a salesman - he prefers the term "communicator" - to …

Aaron Gell