Twitter erupts with reactions on Urjit Patel’s resignation from the Reserve Bank of India

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  • Urjit Patel, the governor of the Reserve Bank of India, has resigned from his post on the central bank’s board.
  • Reactions from officials range from ‘I told you so’ to commending the governor’s tenure in office.
Twitter exploded with reactions within minutes of Urjit Patel, the governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), announcing his resignation from his post on the board, citing ‘personal reasons’.

Urjit Patel had earlier threatened to resign from the RBI with the widening rift between the government and the Reserve Bank of India — especially over the question of the central bank’s autonomy — it was reported that both parties had ultimately reached a ‘truce’.

While some had speculated that the governor would resign, nobody had the exact date on their cards and the decision rolled in a little earlier than expected. With the general elections around the corner, reactions from politicians and fellow academicians flew in — ranging from support over Patel’s decision to how the current government is creating a hostile environment that’s not conducive for efficient decision-making.

Narendra Modi: ‘Urjit Patel leaves a great legacy, under his leadership, the RBI brought financial stability’
Arun Jaitley: ‘Wish Dr. Patel all the very best’

Congress: ‘Another one bites the dust’

Subramanian Swamy: ‘It is a direct consequence of FM blaming him publicly yesterday for NPAs.’

AAP: ‘Demonetisation was just a move to benefit cronies.’

P. Chidambaram: ‘Saddened, not surprised’

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