New start ups in India can go global with ease, thanks to Uber and T-Hub

New start ups in India can go
global with ease, thanks to Uber and T-Hub
Uber and TiE Silicon Valley, along with a T-Hub, a start-up ecosystem builder has launched a programme that will connect Indian start-ups with the global market. This will be crucial for new start ups to create opportunities internationally. Also Read: Facts you didn't know about Uber.

According to a statement issued by the start-up incubator, T-Bridge will enable start-up communities in India and around the world to cross-pollinate ideas, innovate and create channels for knowledge transfer. It will also create a network of mentors, VCs, incubators and accelerators that is advantageous to the Indian start-up ecosystem.

K .T. Rama Rao, Telangana minister for IT inaugurated T-Bridge at Uber’s headquarters in San Francisco on Saturday, informed a news report by a news agency.

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T-Bridge will provide a platform for such fast-track tech companies looking to tap into India’s huge consumer market for technology and help start-ups access UberEXCHANGE—Uber’s flagship start-up mentorship programme and TiE Silicon Valley’s mentor network.

“We have a strong vision to make Hyderabad one of the top 10 startup cities in the world. T–Bridge is one such move towards opening a channel of investment from the world to the state of Telangana. I am proud to open our first outpost in the US in association with Uber and TiE Silicon Valley and believe that this association will forge new partnerships and spur investment and innovation between the two countries,” Rama Rao said.Also Read: Now You can share your ride with your love

Rachel Whetstone, Uber’s senior vice president for policy and communications, said, Telangana is one of the most progressive states in India, and it has set up a culture of ‘regulatoryincubation’—allowing new ideas and business models to thrive.

“Today more and more people around the world want to build something themselves. Through initiatives like UberEXCHANGE, our mentorship program for Indian startups, we hope to spur entrepreneurship. Creative partnerships like T-Bridge will continue to strengthen ties between India and the global startup scene,” Whetstone said.