Uber's unraveling: The stunning, 2 week string of blows that has upended the world's most valuable startup


Uber New York Protest

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

The #DeleteUber protests were just the beginning.

Uber was already off to a bad start in 2017, but the year is getting worse by the day, if not the hour, for the $69 billion ride-hailing company.


In January, Uber lost more than 200,000 customers in a single weekend after the #DeleteUber movement led to a fury of account deletions by customers upset about its ties to President Donald Trump.

But that was just the beginning of Uber's no-good, very-bad month. Since then the company has been pummeled by a seemingly never-ending barrage of bad news, with a new crisis almost every day.

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If business schools need a new case study for a company in a PR disaster, Uber's past two weeks are as perfect an example as can be found. And it's still not clear how Uber will get past this test.

Here's everything that's happened to Uber over the last 14 days: