VedicBrahman: India’s first startup to provide Brahmans from Varanasi to perform Hindu rituals

Religious people are more satisfied with their lives than nonbelievers, many researchers have shown that. People who believe in religion also believe in rituals, right rituals done the right way. After all what do we wish when we pray? A long lasting life, Happiness for our family or growth in professional life. People are a little more conservative when it comes to calling a priest to perform a certain ritual because in certain religions like Hinduism-- one has to do the exact things their ancestors did or else it’s all just a waste.

Comes in, India’s first diversified web portal to cater to the religious services in India. It provides a one-stop solution for all the religious needs and requirements. This portal brings certified Vedic Brahmans from the holy city of Kashi (Varanasi) at your doorstep to perform all kind of Vedic rituals.

The man behind...
VedicBrahman: India’s first startup to provide Brahmans from Varanasi to perform Hindu rituals
Founded by Piyush Srivastava, a business journalist turned entrepreneur, the startup aims to help people get the right services without any hassle. Piyush has been a business journalist for more than 10 years. He was prime time anchor of Zee Business for over 6 years. During his interaction with the small business owners across the country, he got so inspired that he finally decided to start his own entrepreneurial journey. He regularly takes part as a speaker in industry forums and leadership summits of various IIMs. He holds a degree in commerce and journalism and has learned the traits of management from prestigious The London School of Economics & Political Science, University of London.



“We have about 70 Vedic Brahmans on board, who travel occasionally to metro cities to perform rituals. Also, about 3 of them are on a regular salary,” said Piyush. When asked about the services they provide, Piyush stated that they’re currently dealing in major rituals like:

• Home and Housing Puja
• Commercial Puja
• Kids & New Born Babies
• Wedding & Engagement Puja
• Festival Puja
• Devta Puja
• Paath
• Homa/Havan Puja
• Astronomical & Navgrah Puja

Vedic Brahmins and Pundits

So how do you identify if a Brahmin is a Vedic Brahmin or a regular Pundit? Piyush said, “A Vedic Brahman is the one who has comprehension in the Yajurveda. We made sure that all our Vedic Brahmans at least hold a Master Degree in Yajurveda from a legitimate university.”

Monetization & Traction

The startup aims to establish an eCommerce platform after the first 6 months, which will include religious products from all over the country, apart from other services.
The company is further planning a music concert which is first of its kind called the Vedic Trance, as a part of marketing strategy. Piyush said, “It is a beautiful amalgamation of Vedic chants and Rock music. We have roped in few young and talented musicians to work on this genre. The first Vedic Trance event will take place in Noida on the 1st January’2017.”