Vodafone India re-organizes its leadership structure

Vodafone India re-organizes its leadership structureVodafone India has completely rejigged it's leadership structures to take competition coming from several directions including Reliance Jio, head-on. India's second largest mobile operator, Vodafone has halved the number of decision-making people from four to two so as to increase the pace of taking important calls, accelerating its goto-markets strategy and optimizing resources.

It has distributed its operations in 3 divisions- ‘direct’; ‘growth’ and ‘emerging’ markclusters. The company’s strongest markets - Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata/West Bengal, Tamil Nadu/Chennai and Gujarat – will be included in the 'direct markets' cluster. The business heads from these markets will directly report to the company's chief operating officer, Naveen Chopra. Before the re-organization, they were reporting to one of the four directors depending on circle geography. The two operations directors, Suresh Kumar and Arvind Vohra, will supervise other circles categorized as 'growth' and 'emerging' market clusters respectively.

“The removal of a senior managerial layer between the COO and the business heads of Vodafone's biggest 'direct' markets was aimed at greater agility in decision-making and decision translation,” a senior company executive told ET.

“The Indian unit of UK's Vodafone Plc has taken a strategic decision to have these large markets report into the COO to enhance organizational agility and speed-to-market, which reflect the company's core values of speed and simplicity," a Vodafone India spokesman told ET. “The new structure was created to also provide greater involvement of these large markets in the central strategy making process,” he further added.

The re-organizing exercise however, appears to have had a few hiccups along the way, in the form of some senior level exits like Anand Sahai, Vodafone India's business head (Kolkata & West Bengal), and Manish Kumar, business head (Madhya Pradesh-Chattisgarh).


Vodafone has confirmed that Kumar is leaving but denied a comment on Sahai’s Resignation.

(Image: Indiatimes)