Watch Jon Stewart try really hard not to cry while telling his audience he's leaving 'The Daily Show'


At the end of "The Daily Show" Tuesday evening, host Jon Stewart told his live audience that after 17 years, he'll finally leave the night show later this year.


Throughout the 3:21 clip, you can tell it's really hard for the host to hold back tears as he tries everything in his power to stop himself from getting teary-eyed: he slams down on his desk with his hand repeatedly, looks up at the ceiling, and tries to get light hearted any time things start to get a little too serious.

He nearly is moved to tears when a few in the crowd yell out, "We love you Jon!"

Stewart says he's not sure of his final day on air. He mentions that his contract is up in Sept., but that his last day "might be December, might be July."

He also emphasizes that he doesn't have any specific plans for the future, yet, but that he does have "a lot of ideas."


More than anything, it sounds like he's really looking forward to sitting down and eating a meal on a week night with his family.

Watch Stewart break the news to his unsuspecting audience below: