What Apple Employees Say About The Company's Internal Corporate Culture


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REUTERS/Kimberly White

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs, current and late Apple CEOs.

Apple is so secretive that it makes us all wonder what it must be like to work on the inside.


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We know it's intense - a fantastic story in the New York Times recently described the extreme lengths Apple's engineers went to to get the iPhone ready for its 2007 launch.

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But we wanted to hear what it was like from the employees themselves, and not just those picked to be at the center of its flagship projects.

What is it like in the cafeteria, walking the halls? Are staff really encouraged to let their creativity flow?


Luckily, there is a Quora thread devoted to answering this question. We put together some edited quotes from the more interesting answers. Some of their answers date back to the Steve Jobs era, and some of them are more recent.