What it's like to live on a £300,000 houseboat in London



Prindiville Marine

At over 1,000 square-feet, this houseboat is larger than most one to two-bedroom flats in London, according to Alex Prindiville.

With one-bedroom flats in London costing as much as £1 million, buying property in the British capital can seem impossible.


To save money on his own London home, Alex Prindiville, CEO of the luxury car company Prindiville Motors, commissioned a team of manufacturers to design a two-bedroom houseboat moored at St. Katherine's Docks, where he lives with his family, for £300,000.

Based on his own home, the entrepreneur launched Prindiville Marine in April 2016, designing custom houseboats - which he calls "floating apartments" - for clients looking for more affordable property.

Developed by a team of 15 manufacturers based in Sheffield, boats start at £300,000 each and come fully furnished, with a supply of gas, electricity, and water. They can also be fitted with propulsion units so proprietors can go on cruises.

So far, the company has designed and sold four boats, making at least £1.2 million. It aims to build a total of 15 boats by the end of its first year.


Take a tour of Prindiville's houseboat to see what it's like inside: