What it's really like behind the scenes at the chaotic and glamorous Oscars


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At the Oscars, there's so much to catch in the broadcaast, yet so many more wonderful details that the audience at home misses.

But thanks to the quickly evolving technology of covering the awards, we get some behind-the-scenes glimpses at some of those special moments.

Business Insider talked to Larry Busacca, Getty's chief entertainment photographer, about what it's like to be in the middle of the Oscars storm and try to find the perfect visuals. Luckily, not only Gett but also stars with phones and social-media accounts are able to give us some pretty great shots you won't see on TV - whether that's Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling looking on backstage with glee, Chrissy Teigen hitting the bar with elegance, or a hug between stars of "Moonlight."

"We're doing a job," Busacca, who's been a leading entertainment photographer for over 25 years, told Business Insider. "It's like a regular work day, but not really. You never get past the fact that it's the Oscars."

Here's what it was like behind the scenes at the 2017 Oscars: