Who are the coolest people in Silicon Valley? Submit your nominations now!


nuclear explosion larry page

Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Google founder Larry Page.

Soon, we will publish the most eagerly awaited rankings list in the San Francisco Bay Area: The Silicon Valley 100.


The Silicon Valley 100 will rank the 100 people who have done the coolest stuff in the Silicon Valley digital community in the past year.

So it's time to send us your nominations!

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In this form, please post the names of people you think have done the coolest stuff in and for the Silicon Valley digital community this year.

Then, for each person you nominate, please explain what they have done that you think is so cool.


What does "done something cool" mean? Great question!

  • Launched an innovative startup
  • Created an excellent product
  • Funded a few cool companies
  • Significantly supported and contributed to the Bay Area's digital community
  • Accomplished something amazing in their careers
  • Donated a ton of money or time to a worthy cause
  • Etc. - You be the judge

Still not clear? Check out our Silicon Alley 100 list, which looks at the coolest people in NYC's tech scene for the year.

You have just over a week to get your nominations in (please have all nominations in by Feb. 18). Meanwhile, we'll start working on our own nominations to separate awe-inspiring people from the hype.

Then we'll spend a couple weeks narrowing down the list before we unveil the 2015 rankings.

So get cracking! Post your nominations here! For any SV 100-related questions, please reach out to Maya Kosoff at mkosoff@businessinsider.com.