Why you would want to take a longer route on your next Ola Prime ride

Why you would want to take a longer route on your next Ola
Prime ride

Ola’s own connected car platform Ola Play, which is its connected car platform for ridesharing, is now available for all Ola users through the Prime category.

Ola Play, launched in November 2016, had been exclusively available for Ola Select customers until now and the company says that it has highly contributed Ola’s premium subscription category.

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Ola has introduced unique innovations like OlaPlay to attract and keep users due to factors like pricing, payments, and value added services and give added competition to the global giant Uber.


‘’Opening up ‘Prime Play’ category for its Select users saw hundreds of thousands of new users opt for the Select subscription, resulting in 3x growth. Beyond offering a highly personal experience for users during their rides,’’ says Ankit Jain, Head of Ola Play, Ola in regards to why this category is crucial to the company.

Ola Play also allows various partners like Apple Music, Sony LIV, AIB, TVF, Audio Compass and Fynd, to build a high-quality interactive experience for users.

Jain also shared instances where Ola users took a longer route during their ride,’’Some riders take longer routes to make sure they finish a comedy show episode during their commute.’’

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Jain believes that for the Indian commuter Comedy and Entertainment will be the frontrunner in categories on OlaPlay.

To engage and entertain the rider, seems to be Ola’s motto for this year with Ola Play being available to Ola Select customers alongside exclusively bundled benefits like Free Wifi, no peak pricing and getting priority rides.

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Ola Play is currently available in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi and is expected to be extended to 50,000+ Ola Prime vehicles by March 2017.