Wigzo: B2B Startup Using AI for User Conversion

Wigzo: B2B Startup Using AI for User ConversionIt's normal for marketers to discuss marketing automation and email marketing conversely. The truth of the matter is that email marketing is a part of marketing automation, yet the two are a long way from the same thing. Marketing automation joins divergent client acquisition and retention channels to adjust to fit in with your organization's conversion pipe.

Marketing automation has really been around since the 1980s. The utilization of programming to consequently embed names and addresses from your database onto the letters and envelopes you wish to send to customers via mail has been a pillar of direct marketers for a considerable length of time. The distinction amongst then and now is the idea of 'continuous' and the incomprehensible measure of data accessible to organizations on their clients by means of different digital and offline channels. Automation can not only help reduce staff costs but can also boost customer lifetime value through up-sells and cross-sells. To empower this structure through technology Wigzo came into being.

What is Wigzo

Founded by Umair Mohammed, Himanshu Kaushik, Vikrant Khushu, Shamail Tayyab and Mohammad Atyab in 2013, the company works as a next generation Marketing Automation Platform that helps marketers send Smarter Communication online or through mobile applications. The platform based on SoLoMo – Social, Location and Mobile, provides real time content in the emails or push notifications for marketers. Umair stated that Wigzo’s was incepted with an aim to solve a major issue of seamless data management, and utilizing it to send intelligent communication across Web and in App.

“We simplify big data for brands and improve the communication between the company and its users. Our aim is to modernize the use of data for the brands as much as we can,” he added. Basically, with the assistance of prediction technology and machine learning, Wigzo checks any event about the visitor’s search, scanning designs, time spent, item data, area, and so forth to foresee plan of the crowd.


The cool new stuff Wigzo is upto

Talking to Umair about future and upcoming services, he said, “We have recently revamped our machine learning algorithm to a revolutionary Customer Intelligence Suite. The upgraded version will change the dynamics of reporting and analytics when it comes to digital marketing and ensure increased customer acquisition for brands. The new dashboard is one of the most mature set of automation tools incorporating a full suite of features that not only help marketers manage basic communication campaign, but also provides everything a marketer needs: Dynamic Email, Notifications, User Retention, Real Time Engagement and more. Our aim is to streamline the hassle of data management for every marketer.”

Minting it
The company works on a typical subscription based model which incorporates all features (as Umair claims). Umair stated that they’ve also tiered based pricing, now this depends on the number of users of a client. The costing varies on volume and user base.

The company claims to have over 35 clients including Ketto, Kaaryah, and Little Black Book. Further Umair specified that they’re looking at 100+ clients across industries like: banking, ecommerce, content & gamming across the country and in UK.
Wigzo: B2B Startup Using AI for User Conversion
The company raised $500,000 in pre-series A round of financing led by Aarin Capital Partners and Mohandas Pai, Chairman of Manipal Global Education. In seed round they had raised $100,000 from by Nikunj Jain, Outbox ventures and Ritesh Malik.

Umair - AI & Data

In this digital age where everything is largely dependent on the use of technology, companies are leveraging AI to reinvent themselves and scale their businesses quickly. AI is becoming a key enabler of the changes that businesses need to make and is helping them manage complexity of the constant digital change.

We follow a very simple rule - Data should not reside in silos, because it takes the intelligence away. We algorithm provides actionable intelligence around data so marketer can leverage it to interact with their audience in real time, and reach them with the right message on the right device. Our USP is to take the marketers beyond page views and basic analytics which also set us apart from the rest of the players in the market.