Worried about Packers and Movers losing stuff? You need to have these insurances

Worried about Packers and Movers losing stuff? You
need to have these insurances
People with permanent address and staying in the same city as their home won’t really understand the pain. But people who have experienced change of cities, due to education, job and several other reasons know it how hard it is to shift homes. And to make life easier there are packers and movers!

But wait! Are you sure your treasured belongings are safe with the packers and movers?

Relocation companies provide insurance facilities to customers as a way to insure their household goods, furniture, home appliances and other valuable goods against any damage while the goods are in transit. These moving companies usually offer all inclusive insurance which basically means that the company itself is guaranteeing against any damage that may occur while packing, loading, transporting or unloading.
This means that the assurance is between the customer and the packing company that is handling the move. Insurance companies aren’t involved as far as the customer is concerned but to protect customer assets, there is a type of insurance which is comes to be known as transit insurance. The facility of Transit Insurance is offered by general insurance companies. Transit insurance facility is offered by insurers and the safety net costs nearly half of the entire inclusive insurance. The downside here is that the insurance protects customers only from goods damaged in transport and that’s a drawback.

So we got in touch with Interem Relocations, the International Removals Division of Freight Systems, a part of the FSL Group, which is amongst the first few multinational companies to have ventured into the removals business in India since 1997.


Here are the various insurance plans offered by movers and packers in India -

Transit insurance
Transit insurance basically protects and covers your goods against damage during transit. As a customer, you can directly buy transit insurance if you’re moving your household goods from general insurance companies. Most times, the movers and packers themselves can help you obtain transit insurance for your goods.

All inclusive moving insurance
All inclusive moving insurance covers damages during the entirety of the packing and shifting process. So say there’s damage caused due to human error while loading or unloading or during transportation, you can fully avail the insurance against those goods.
Inclusive Insurance is offered by most mover and packer companies which is why you have to be very sure about the credibility of the company.

It’s wise to be a little cautious while choosing the type of insurance for your goods and checking the fine print before going for the All Inclusive Moving Insurance from your choice of movers and packers.

Different companies have different terms and understanding them well in advance is for your benefit. In a number of cases, customers may not be able to claim insurance. For example, Employee dishonesty, unprofessional packing, infestation or mishandling are some of the factors effecting your goods, the insurance might not cover damages to goods; so please check terms and condition before making claims. Above all, never allow the relocation company to transport the goods unless the transit insurance is in effect.