Yahoo won't hold an earnings call next week as concerns grow over the Verizon deal


Marissa Mayer

AP Photo

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

Yahoo won't hold a call after it reports earnings Tuesday as the company continues to work on selling itself to Verizon, according to a statement.


"Due to the pending transaction with Verizon, Yahoo will not have an earnings call or webcast for its third quarter results," the statement says.

The news comes a day after Verizon's legal team said Yahoo's unprecedented hak of at least 500 million accounts is a "material" event that could affect the acquisition. Verizon said the burden is on Yahoo to prove that the hack wasn't a material event.

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Verizon could use the hack to reduce the price of its $4.8 billion purchase of Yahoo or argue against buying Yahoo altogether.

Not holding an earnings call means Yahoo can avoid questions about the hack and the Verizon acquisition from analysts.