Yankee Stadium just got a major makeover as Instagram forces a major change in the baseball industry


Yankees Stadium 3

Hollis Johnson

The tradition of baseball is changing rapidly - and Yankee Stadium is leading the way. 


On Monday, April 10, New York Yankees fans see the newly remodeled stadium that includes social gathering areas, a play area for children, and an amped up food menu.

The remodel is a response to younger customers seeking experiences they can share on social networks like Instagram and Snapchat. 

"The experience is kind of focused on creating an environment for every type of fan to enjoy the game at the stadium," Kevin Dart, Vice President of Ticket Sales, Service, and Operations, told Business Insider. 

Teams like the Colorado Rockies and Cleveland Indians have also employed social spaces to encourage more fans to gather within the stadium without shelling out hundreds of dollars for tickets. 


Take a look at the newly remodeled areas for old and new baseball fans, alike: