You can create your own custom tea blend with this startup

You can create your own custom tea blend with this startup
Tea has been anciently known to have a variety of positive health benefits and tea enthusiasts know that good tea is worth its weight in gold. Not just that, Tea is India’s primary beverage, with almost 85% of total households in the country consuming it with or without milk and sugar. India is the world’s second-largest producer and second-largest consumer of tea accounting for 25-27% of world tea production. So it is no surprise that tea is growing in popularity the country with brands now focusing outside the box with different types of tea.

Great tea grows loose, in high altitudes, in deep soil and sub-tropical climates and isn’t treated by CTC method which involves crushing, tearing and curling black tea into small, hard pellets which is the tea most Indians currently consume.

Things have changed in cities where Indians who are passionate about this beverage are realizing that the best tea is organically sourced and naturally dried and treated.

While many tea start-ups like Chaayos and Chai-point have made their mark in the industry through the cafe format, a new age startup from Kolkata sees tea differently.

The Tea Trove sources freshly packed teas like black, white, oolong, green tea directly from the cultivators and blends them into unique and exquisite flavours using real herbs, fruits like apple, orange peel, mango, pineapple, etc., flowers like rose, lavender, jasmine, etc. and spices cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, and much more.

Rishav Kanoi, Founder of Tea Trove told Business Insider “When we started a cafe in Kolkata, we realized that people came for the food and tea with it and not the other way around. As a tea cultivator, I realized that we can reach more people and explain the importance of good tea better in stores and through different luxury chains who appreciate the experience.”


In Delhi and Kolkata, the Tea Trove has set up experience counters in high end grocery stores where consumers are willing to taste and also blend their own tea. Kanoi feels that customers will appreciate good tea if they can make it at home and see the difference in their lifestyle instead of visiting a cafe once in awhile and treating it like a novelty.

Blending In

I tried blending my own tea at their outlet in Modern Bazaar, Select Citywalk where Kanoi helped me create a ‘blend’ of different teas like Green tea, Rose flowers and cinnamon. I also made iced tea with the tea and learnt how long I should seep different teas for the right flavour strength.

The Tea Trove also has customized blends for different ailments like stomach upset, diabetes, joint pain, menstrual pain and high blood pressure.

The team at Tea Trove makes sure that you understand how easy it is to enjoy tea in any form, hot or cold or even blend your own different flavours to enjoy a healthy beverage.