You may find it difficult to opt for carpool in Bengaluru. Here’s why

You may find it difficult to opt for carpool in Bengaluru. Here’s whyA three-day deadline has been has been set by the Transport Department for app-based cab aggregators to stop offering carpool or shared services to consumers as the services are in violation of the Motor Vehicles Act and hence cannot be allowed.

According to the Transport Commissioner MK Aiyappa after holding an hour-long meeting with the representatives of aggregators and sections of drivers, told the media that the cabs cannot pick up from and drop passengers at multiple locations before closing each trip.

He also said that the aggregators have asked for three days to make changes in the software that powers the app t which the ministry has conceded the demand and said the transport officials will start booking the violators after the period.

The department's decision also follows strong protests from the city's transport utility BMTC. The letter from BMTC managing director Ekroop Caur says revenues have been hit because of carpool offered by aggregators as well as by other private operators.

"They are also offering services with fixed schedules on specific routes - for example Hebbal to Marathahalli. That is not allowed at all," she told ET.


The cab aggregators, operates under the contract carriage licence which doesn’t allow others to board the cab midway. The stage carriage permit, on the other hand, allows the vehicle (bus) to pick up and drop passengers along its scheduled route.

So this means that BMTC has the exclusive right to pick up and drop a pool of commuters in the city and the permits are issued under the Motor Vehicles Act which is a Union Government legislation.

The aggregators also have plans to approach the Union Government to amend Motor Vehicle Act.

At the meeting with the Transport Commissioner, drivers also requested the department's intervention with the aggregators on the minimum trips they are required to make and the drop in incentives.