You Won't Believe What Defense Cuts Mean For US Navy Sailors And Their Families [PHOTOS]


USS Barry Crew

Robert Johnson

When we visited the USS Barry, the ship and its crew were feverishly preparing for a huge inspection, and an upcoming overseas deployment.


Short-staffed and overworked, the crew pulled the 20-year-old ship together beautifully — but the work it entailed was mindblowing.

When the Barry sailed for its European deployment earlier this month it was amid rumors it might not go at all, and if not for her crew, that may have been the case.

As well as they did, unfortunately the crew's workload has just increased dramatically. The major inspections that ships undergo every five years, has just been halved to 30 months. Getting ready for those tests is a lot of work as the following slides show.

This is a tough time to be a U.S. Navy sailor.