Zion Williamson made his most athletic play yet with a blocked shot that will blow your mind

Zion Williamson


  • The Duke Blue Devils defeated the Virginia Cavaliers, 81-71, in a matchup of top-3 teams.
  • The highlight of the game came from Zion Williamson, who showed off his incredible leaping ability with a blocked shot that has to be seen to be believed. 
  • Williamson was on the other side of the court when De'Andre Hunter received the pass and began to attempt a 3-point shot in the corner.
  • The Duke freshman sensation jumped from about 10 feet away from Hunter and managed to block the shot well after it was released.
  • The play was amazing live, but it was the replay that revealed just how athletic the feat truly was.

Here is the play as it was shown live, via ESPN:

Here is the replay:

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