Zomato has a new plan for unlimited food and drinks in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru

Deepinder Goyal, founder & CEO, Zomato
  • Zomato has introduced the ‘infinity dining’ feature for its gold members.
  • With this new feature, users can opt for unlimited food and drinks at diners, where the packages will be selected by the restaurants.
  • Zomato Gold has over 1.25 million subscribers.
Riding on the success of Zomato Gold, the Indian foodtech unicorn now has a new plan for ‘infinity dining’.

Giving consumers the chance to “eat and drink all they can”, Zomato has introduced the infinity dining feature through which Zomato Gold members while booking a table at a restaurant can also view packages for unlimited buffet.

The new feature will be available in 350 restaurants across Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.


“Dining out constitutes about 70% of a restaurant’s total business. While Zomato Gold continues to be instrumental in driving sales for restaurants and adding value to subscribers, we realise that the opportunities in this sphere are endless – welcome, Infinity Dining. It is a global first, as India becomes the first country to offer such a choice, at scale,” said Gaurav Gupta, COO & Co-founder, Zomato.

The Zomato Gold membership plan from the company had gained popularity for its 1+1 on food and 2+2 on drinks offers.

According to the company, Zomato Gold has grown almost 100% in the past eight months and now has over 1.25 million subscribers across nine countries – India, UAE, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Turkey, Philippines and Indonesia.