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Ratan Tata - 10 Interesting facts about Ratan Tata that you should know

Ratan Tata - 10 Interesting facts about Ratan Tata that you should know
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Ratan naval Tata is the chairman emeritus of Tata Sons. He was formerly the chairman of the Tata Group. One of the topmost and popular businessmen in India, Ratan Tata also has many other aspects about him that are worth knowing. Here are ten interesting facts about Ratan Tata, his personality and achievements that are worth knowing.

Ratan tata father was an adopted son and Tata was raised by his grandmother

Ratan Tata’s father Naval Tata was the adopted son of Ratanji Tata and Navajbai Tata. Earlier Naval Tata was growing in J.N. Petit Parsi Orphanage. Navajbai Tata, the grandmother of Ratan Tata was very fond of him. When Ratan Tata was just 10 years old, his parents got separated in 1940 and then he was raised by his grandmother.

Ratan Naval Tata loves dogs so much

Since the days of JRD Tata, the Bombay House, the Headquarters of Tata Sons has a tradition of letting stray dogs in during rains. After its recent renovation, the Bombay house now has a kennel for stray dogs. This kennel is equipped with toys, play area, water and food. Continuing the tradition, Ratan Tata has an extreme love for these canines. He has two pet dogs that he takes care so fondly namely Tito and Maximus.

Ratan Naval tata first job

Ratan Tata’s first job was at the Tata Steel which he took up in the year 1961. His first responsibility was to manage the blast furnace and shovel limestone.

Ratan Naval Tata steered the Tata Group towards bright prospects

Becoming the chairman of the Tata Group in 1991 in his 21 , he brought international recognition for the Tata Group. All this was possible through his pragmatic business skills.

Championed some historical mergers

Ratan Tata accomplished some historical mergers for his company including Land Rover Jaguar with Tata Motors, Tetly with Tata Tea and Corus with Tata Steel. All these mergers played a significant role in the Tata Group’s phenomenal growth.

Keen in keeping up promises

Nano cars are the dearest project of Ratan Tata. In 2009, he promised to make a car that would cost only a lakh rupee. He spared the best of his efforts to keep up his promise to society.

Has a good collection of cars

Ratan naval Tata is highly fond of cars. He has a wonderful collection of high-end cars including Ferrari California, Cadillac XLR, Land Rover Freelander, Chrysler Sebring, Honda Civic, Mercedes Benz S-Class, Maserati Quattroporte, Mercedes Benz 500 SL, Jaguar F-Type, Jaguar XF-R, and some others.

Ratan Tata is a skilled pilot

Ratan Tata loves flights and flying. He is a skilled pilot. Ratan Tata was the first Indian to pilot F-16 Falcon in 2007.

Donated $50 million to Harvard Business School

In 2010, Ratan Tata pooled up a sum of $50 million to construct an executive centre for the Harvard Business School from where he received his collegiate education. The hall was named Tata Hall.

Ratan tata leadership grew the Group’s revenues phenomenally

Under his able leadership, the revenues of the Tata Group grew more than 40 times. The profits abounded by over 50 times. The company that made only $5.7 billion in 1991 made around $103 billion in 2016.

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