12 things you should never say to your office love interest


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You know how the cliché goes: all's fair in love and war.


The same can't be said for love and work.

Falling in love with a coworker can be pretty rough. It's not like office romances are a rarity, though. According to a study by Vault.com, 57% of people have participated in a workplace fling at some point in their career (and a heartening 16% of those people got married to their office love)!

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Still, dating in the office can be treacherous to navigate. If you're determined to see it through, you need to ask the right questions and follow the rules or things might end pretty badly.

Most importantly, you need to make sure don't mess it all up yourself. Certain impulsive statements could alienate your colleagues, offend the object of your affection, and even get you fired.


Here are 12 things to avoid saying to bae (when you're in the office):