13 of the happiest companies in America




At Chevron, 81% of employees report high job satisfaction.

Money's not the only thing that matters when looking for a job. If you're going to spend eight or more hours per day at work, it should be doing something fulfilling and enjoyable.


As part of Business Insider's recently released ranking of the 50 best companies to work for in America, compiled in partnership with PayScale, we found dream-job companies where a premium is placed on employee satisfaction.

PayScale measured the percentage of employees at a given company who report high job satisfaction based on the number of respondents who who answered "extremely satisfied" or "fairly satisfied" to the question, "How satisfied are you in your job?" on their employee survey. We ranked the top-13, giving the tie-breaker to the companies that performed better on the overall list of best employers.

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Facebook, known for its plentiful perks and inclusive company culture, has the highest number of happy employees, with 97% reporting high job satisfaction. Software company Salesforce.com came in second, with 90% of employees, and utilities company Southern Co. rounded out third place with 88% of employees.

Read on to check out the best companies to work for if you want to be happy at work.


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