3 body language tricks to appear more powerful



Whether you're a newly promoted manager or a longtime boss, it's important to come across as strong and competent in front of your employees.

There really aren't many quick fixes when it comes to actually being a good boss. At a basic level, you simply need to treat people with respect and do your job to the best of your ability.

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However, there are a few tricks you can adopt if you'd like to appear more powerful (which, in certain cases, is half the battle).

Business Insider recently spoke with Dr. Lillian Glass, a communications and body language expert and author of "Toxic People."


Glass shared a few tips on how bosses can appear more powerful using body language:

1. Straighten your posture

Sitting up straight won't just make you look better in front of your employees. It'll actually boost your confidence - at least momentarily.

As WGN TV previously reported, a 2016 Northwestern University study has found that your posture is directly linked to your mood. Participants reported feeling happier and more powerful when they improved their posture.

2. Lean back

Writing for Forbes, Carol Kinsey Gorman lists leaning back as a classic "high-power pose." When you lean back, you don't just project power - striking this power pose will also release higher levels of testosterone.

3. Put your hands in a steeple position

Your hands are in a steeple position when your finger tips are touching together. It's a classic look for chess players and supervillains, but it can also benefit you.


According to the psychology blog Psych Mechanics, the gesture exudes confidence, competence, and good listening skills.

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