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4 qualities McKinsey looks for in candidates during interviews

4 qualities McKinsey looks for in candidates during interviews
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It's every MBA student's wish - those who want to pursue a career in consulting - to work with one of the globally recognized consulting firms as their career kick-starts.

Even as it's not difficult for them to find the business world open up to them if they hold an MBA degree from good colleges — yet we all know it's a competitive road to get there - in the desired company on the desired role.

And so, we thought why not make this journey to get inside such companies tad bit easier for students. For this, it's very important to know almost everything about your dream company - its products, financial statements, work culture, performance vis-a-vis competitiors etc. Any information before that interview is not going to go waste, instead it is an addition to your knowledge bank.

We picked up Mc Kinsey, for instance, and found out that this company has a stunning work culture. It encourages teams made up of people from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, education, training, interests, and skills. And each one of its employee in these teams has a common base of these four important qualities that got them hired!

So, here's your 4-point check-list if you want to get hired by McKinsey:

Personal impact

"We look for people who can develop and implement creative solutions in the face of challenging goals—and often differing opinions, personalities, and backgrounds."

Therefore, you maybe expected to use your skills of interacting with people in tough situations as it is critical to driving distinctive client impact.

Entrepreneurial drive

The company says it's always looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit — those who are innovative by nature, and always working to create new approaches, products, services, and technologies.

FYI: Their consultants are expected to deliver distinctive client service. To achieve this while handling multiple stakeholders and often tight deadlines requires outstanding energy, determination, and judgment.

That means you have no time to get overwhelmed while on the job. Better prepare yourself beforhand!

Problem-solving skills

Because consultants help clients solve tough problems in their businesses and implement the solutions, this also requires strong intellectual abilities and rigor, a good and practical sense of what works and what does not work in complex organizations.

So, you need get out of your comfort zone NOW and exercise your mind and body each day.

Leadership abilities

This company is also looking for people who strive to lead - Lead themselves, their teams, their communities—and foster effective teamwork in order to drive results for clients and positive change in complex organizations.

Therefore, read up on some of the leadership lessons by great men before you apply. And remember, till you don't start believing in the spirit of a TEAM - Together Everyone Can Achieve More, it's going to be a tough time getting a job not only at McKinsey, but at any firm whatsoever!