5 SME trends that’ll rule every entrepreneur’s mind & heart

5 SME trends that’ll rule every entrepreneur’s mind & heartWhat do business owners, professionals and experts expect 2017 to hold for small business? Watching out for key trends and new improvements, obviously, is the only constant for any business that wants to position itself beneficially.

Here are the 5 SME trends that'll lead each business visionary's psyche and heart


Nowadays, tech companies and startups are doing the vast majority of their hires remotely. Since meetings should be possible over Skype or other video conference platforms and customer service, social media and programming positions only require access to the computer and Internet, talented people can be hired for positions no matter where they live.

Data Collection


How would you help people turn out to be more productive? Give them a higher level of service. To do that, study what customers consume and how they consume it, and use that information to give them what they want. Sounds straightforward enough, however not everyone has learned this lesson.

Content Marketing and Sales

As customers and buyers continue to accomplish more online research, top performing organizations continue to integrate sales and content marketing. The goal is to guarantee that when customers search for risks, challenges, and implementation strategies associated with your solutions, they will find your content to address their questions.

Connecting over selling

People are tired of being sold, and Millennials can tell they are being sold from a mile away. This is an instant turn-off for these buyers and once they sense any type of selling, they move on to the other company. What is working however are apps and services that connect people to what they want. We are in the connection economy. Uber is the biggest taxi company, yet it has no physical assets, though it can deliver rides effectively to its customers. We should see more businesses like Uber on the rise.

Marketing Message

Companies continue to shift from single, upfront payments for products to recurring revenue for a service. Regardless of whether it’s monthly or annual, savvy companies perceive that recurring revenue with a high renewal rate demonstrates percieved customer value. High renewal rates turn into an amazing marketing message.