IIT student innovations empower India's defence sector like never before

A digital microscope to see cells in 3-D, a helmet whose strap tightens with the click of a button and components which make buildings earthquake resistant, IIT-Delhi's recent 'Open House' displayed the kind of innovations that are taking place within the campus, but to be put into use by the outside world.

While some innovations are near completion, others have even been patented and are now being used by the industries. History is testimony to the fact that what these students have crafted have been making a difference in our lives. While benefiting the common man, there's one more area that IITians have contributed to - Defence.

Let's for instance take the example of a material called aluminium cenosphere syntactic foam. Work is on so that this can be used to place as a layer in buildings, bridges and flyovers to protect them from collapsing or suffering severe damage during a bomb blast. Another example is that of helmets being used by the Indian Army. It can only protect a soldier from splinters, rocks and a bullet that only grazes the helmet and is not directly hitting it. But the helmet being made by IIT-Delhi will contain layers of varied materials, including ceramic and cellular foam, which will blunt the bullet, reduce its velocity and absorb its energy. The new helmet will make sure the bullet does not penetrate the helmet there is no 'back face signature', which is a deformity caused on the helmet by the bullet.

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IITians have also given the defence sector several drones. whoch are being used in anti-combing operations in Naxal areas, for surveillance under waters and to check movements on our borders.

S. Basu, Assistant Dean, Research and Development, Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi recently said - "the institute's collaborated with Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO), wherein the former will receive Rs 230 crore over five years to build technologies to thwart mine attacks, assess their impact, and to build a "spy-balloon" -- conceptualized as a drone -- among others."


Let's wait to see the kind of innovations that come out of our premier institutes in the days to come!