Shocking Photos Show Terrible Pollution In India's Rivers


india pollution

REUTERS/Ahmad Masood

On Wednesday, the world's Hindus celebrated Chhath Puja, a sacred festival praising the sun god and giving thanks for sustained life on Earth. The event is especially massive in India, where 80.5% of the population believes in Hinduism.


Part of the celebration involves festival-goers visiting India's rivers, which are held as sacred to Hindus, to bathe and procure holy water. While this has been done for thousands of years, in recent times, India's rivers, such as the large Yamuna (seen above), have become perilous.

With India's population growing at a rapid pace, along with other factors like with a lack of sewage treatment and education about waste, the country has some of the most polluted rivers and bodies of water in the world. Bathing and drinking the water is a serious risk.