The 25 Best Companies To Work For If You Want To Get Promoted Fast


Aside from high pay and competitive perks offered to attract talent, companies that provide regular feedback, advancement, and mentorship programs are better able to keep younger workers.


So where are the employers who support promotion from within? Based on company review surveys, career site put together a list of the top 25 companies that provide the best career opportunities.

"When employees share a company review on Glassdoor, we ask them to rate several workplace factors, including how they believe their employer is when it comes to offering career opportunities," says Scott Dobroski, a spokesman for Glassdoor. "If career advancement and growth opportunities are important for a job seeker, this rating provides insight into what employees have to say about the career opportunities at a specific employer."

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Many companies that made it on last year's list, such as Bain & Company, Edelman, and CareerBuilder, reappeared on this year's list. Newcomers this year include Fluor, Chevron, and the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

To break any ties, Glassdoor calculated ratings to the thousandth decimal. Company ratings are based on a 5.0 scale, with 5 being the best possible score.