This is the current scenario for MBAs in job sector and the reality is ugly

The MBA programme has been one of the best for students who want to pursue their dreams in business and management. MBA degree is also dubbed as a ‘must-have’ for professionals in various sectors.

However, when it comes to getting a job, the picture is not that rosy.

Lately, MBA professionals have been struggling to get jobs.

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"You see some students who do not get placed take up small jobs; some others get placed in some company one or two years after graduating. Now, with mandatory internships, we feel the situation will improve as the students will get some kind of training while studying,” Anil Sahasrabudhe, chairman of the All India Council of Technical Education, told Times of India.

The worst hit are Tier-B schools where students are struggling to get jobs.


An ASSOCHAM study, conducted last year, stated only 7% of MBA graduates from Indian business schools, excluding those from the top 20 colleges, get a job straight after completing their course.

The study said lack of quality control and infrastructure, low-paying jobs through campus placement and poor faculty are leading to paltry amount of jobs.