A career expert says this is one of the biggest resume mistakes young people make


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Young people shouldn't pretend to be something they're not on their résumés


Career expert and Levo League consultant Maxie McCoy believes that young people should stop trying to blend in on their résumés.

McCoy told Business Insider:

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"Quit trying to fit in. Quit trying to be a version of someone else. Really look inward to identify what drives you and what makes you unique - and amplify that. We don't need another carbon copy of someone else. We need you. The world really, really needs that right now. And when you can be that highest expression of yourself and deeply believe in all that makes you great - the right opportunities, people, and experiences will be drawn onto your path in a way that feels like magic. Follow that, match it with tools that allow you to showcase it, and you will find yourself in the job of your dreams."

McCoy collaborated with Microsoft and MOO on to establish Land Your Dream Job, a site that provides résumé templates and career advice geared toward young professionals competing in a tough job market. She says that the project has been a "dream job," explaining that she created her first résumé in Word on her dad's computer and got her first set of business cards from MOO.


Instead of coming across as stiff and predictable in job applications, McCoy recommends that young people stand out by writing blog posts on industry trends and creating digital portfolios.

She says that when you're just starting out, it's crucial to consider what you really want out of your career and how you're going to communicate your story in the most effective way.

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