A look inside the daily life of Oracle's billionaire founder Larry Ellison, who owns almost an entire island and will do whatever it takes to win


Larry Ellison kissing trophy sailing Oracle

Alberto Saiz/AP Images

Larry Ellison likes to win.


Larry Ellison likes to win - and he's good at it.

According to Forbes, the tech mogul recently got $5 billion richer over the course of just two days.

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Ellison came from a poor background and dropped out of college twice. In what proved to be a true "rags to riches" story, the billionaire cofounded software company Oracle in 1977 and acquired a reputation as Silicon Valley's bad boy in the ensuing decades.

But what does Ellison - whom Forbes estimated is worth $61.5 billion - get up to every day since stepping down as Oracle's CEO in 2014? Make no mistake, the tech mogul isn't retired - he's still the company's chief technology officer and chairman.


Here's a look at the daily life of Oracle founder Larry Ellison: