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A supermom entrepreneur's guide to balance work life and family

A supermom entrepreneur's guide
to balance work life and family
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If you think every startup founder has to be a college dropout like Mark Zuckerberg, you'd be wrong.

A new generation of entrepreneurs are working hard to solve problems - while working just as hard at being parents. Many are solving the pain points in their own lives, like the craziness of carpool schedules. Others are tackling subjects like genomics or cloud infrastructure.

If anything is clear, being a mom doesn't mean you can't build a business. Rather, these supermom entrepreneurs are an inspiration to future generations of women who can really have it all.

Meet Shikha Kumar. With a background in IT, Shikha is a regular columnist, relationship expert and author of two romantic novels ‘He Fixed the Match, She fixed Him’ and ‘Logically Stupid, that's Love’.

Right from ditching toxic influence to taking a break, Shikha guides mother-entrepreneurs how to balance work life and home. These super women know balancing business with kids at home isn’t that easy.

Keep a mental barrier
A confident Shikha says, it's not as difficult as it sounds. We try to make simple rules and follow them diligently to keep it smooth. One such rule is so no official laptop in evening until when kid is awake. Keep a mental barrier between work and home. Spend some time playing with kid or maybe reading together. We always eat dinner together.

So, as long as you give all things it's due attention and time, it's no wonder to have a balanced personal and professional life.

Keep a separate schedule for everything
Just like all other things, I have time assigned to writing that doesn't conflicts with family time. And I've noticed the same with my other friends that are entrepreneurs following the discipline with time. There are days when two lives overlap, but if your spouse is supportive and share responsibilities, it's never a challenge but mere a little accommodation. So, again if you've struck the right balance, everyone around helps get successful. There are challenges every day but right mental strength to maintain cool and logically target it, makes it possible to combat.

Spending time with kids is mandatory
On Daily basis, I sit with his homework; we read or play together and then eat. My husband is also very actively involved in his activities.
But there are friends around whose kids do complain of parents always being on phone or not playing with them, calling themselves too grown-up for such games. I think that's something that needs to be fixed.

Be a friend to your kid
It's important to have a friendly relationship with your children. It makes them feel safe at home and talk their heart out. It's when we invest our emotions in their growing years, we can expect them to open their heart and talk its matters in adolescence.

So, there's no substitute to spending quality time with kids and ensure they don't feel sidetracked in the household.

Your family should keep you motivated
A good personal life is like that remedial nectar that keeps you motivated at work too. When your heart is at peace, mind too yields better results. So a happy family life is like that nucleus around which all your other roles revolve and gain energy from.

Be matured
Professional stress at times does get overwhelming but it takes a maturity to handle it. And sooner the better, with kind of aggression and divorce rate around, this is one thing I believe people need to resolve at personal level. All happiness emerges from oneself, so it's vital to attain an attitude that can handle failures and see them as challenges. Again, leaving the official worries at office or dumping them at the parking at the end of the day can truly do wonders to your all spheres of life.