Technology can get you a sales lead but only trust can help you close the deal


  • Trust and customized experience is helping sales professionals close a deal.
  • The State of Sales 2019 - India Report released by LinkedIn shows that decision makers look for mutual connection before indulging in a sales deal.
  • Strong brand name influences sales of a company’s products & services.
  • Millennials are using cloud-based software to enhance efficiency by automating tiresome tasks.

While Indian sales professionals are getting more tech savvy with the evolution of digital technologies striving for better results, customised experience and trust is what helps sales employees close a deal.

According to a report titled ‘The State of Sales 2019 - India Report’ released by LinkedIn, decision makers prefer having a mutual connection before indulging in any sales deal. And if that comes with a big brand name, even better. In fact, over half of the decision makers or the target customers believe that a strong brand name influences sales of its products and services.

However, ‘trust’ has been ranked as the most essential characteristic. It helped a third of them complete a sale. As many as 25% of sales professionals believe that ROI (Return of Investment) is the key contributor for better sales.

Millennials, on their part, have been spending more time on sales technology. This includes using cloud-based software to enhance efficiency by automating tiresome tasks.

This is because of better output in generating leads from the market. Over half of the employed millennials find that they benefit from working closely with the marketing teams.


“Sales professionals are now adopting modern selling tactics by tapping into sales technology to glean personalised insights and build relationships at scale. In a complex market like India, where relationships are at the heart of the sales process, the tech sales stack is becoming essential, and is the best way to establish trust at scale, and close deals faster,” said Edward Hunter, Head of Sales Solutions, India.

Given that, over 70% of the respondents said they expect their company to pour in more money on sales technology in the coming year.

The report surveyed over 500 successful sales professionals and decision makers in India.


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