APPLY NOW: Business Insider is hiring an editor who's obsessed with space and engineering




Spacesuit not required.


Do you have SpaceX reps on speed dial? Do lakes under Europa's ice make your heart soar? Do you grumble over A.I. news invoking Skynet? Are you fascinated by the weird ways researchers are trying to build next-generation computers?

Business Insider is looking for a talented editor to join our science team. This person will focus primarily on space, engineering, robotics, computing and related topics.

As our space/engineering editor, you'll help recruit and manage a team of 2-3 people who are as obsessed and talented as you are. In addition to editing, writing would be a top priority.

Consider applying if:


  • You have excellent writing and copy editing skills.
  • You have experience managing a team.
  • You can decrypt complex or esoteric developments and make science exciting for a general audience.
  • You generate more story ideas than you know what to do with, and find yourself writing day-two stories for the web on day one.
  • You can bring unique context to trending news and make those stories your own.
  • You know how to stay on top of a beat and quickly produce splashy, high-impact stories.
  • Multitasking is your middle name, and you thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative setting.
  • You're interminably wowed by human ingenuity and obsessed with the future.

Our style is smart, conversational, exciting and geared toward non-scientists. Having an attention to detail and being efficient in a quick-turnaround environment are both skills required for this job. We also prize agility in and enthusiasm for tackling wildly different topics. As the leader of a small team, talents for efficient delegation and guidance are key. The role will also help the team establish and nurture productive, attention-grabbing beats.

While this position has regular office hours, the ideal candidate is always keeping an eye out for the next big story. After-hours duties may also include helping retain our Science Friday trivia champion title over rival publications.

Apply here if interested. Please include a resume, clips, and a cover letter telling us what excites you about science reporting.

The position is full-time in our New York City headquarters and comes with competitive compensation packages, complete with benefits.

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