Britain Cloned Its First Dog And Named It Mini Winnie


rebecca smith cloned dog


Rebecca Smith, 29, and Winnie.

Rebecca Smith is the proud owner of the UK's first cloned dog, reports Daily Mirror.


Smith's 12-year-old daschund, Winnie, is "the best sausage in the whole world," so Smith entered a contest that would see the winner's pet cloned, a procedure that would have otherwise cost £60,000. She entered some videos and says it "rollercoastered from there."

A sample of Winnie's tissue was stored in liquid nitrogen and sent to a South Korean cloning company called Sooam Biotech. Her cells were put into an egg from a dog of the same breed, and on March 30, Winnie's clone was born.

Smith was present for the birth: "I saw it being born and it looks exactly like Winnie. It is identical. Personality-wise I couldn't tell you because it doesn't see and it doesn't hear yet - it is just a little sausage dog that wriggles around drinking milk."

Smith won't get to take "mini Winnie" home for some time - quarantine rules will require the new dog to be on its own for six months to ensure its health.


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