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Nitin Gadkari launches Bharat NCAP, India's car crash test programme

Nitin Gadkari launches Bharat NCAP, India's car crash test programme
Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday launched Bharat NCAP, India's own crash testing safety programme, saying that it was a historic day for the country and that requests have been received for crash testing of 30 models.

Addressing a gathering following the launching of Bharat NCAP, Gadkari said: "Today is a very important day in the history of Indian automobile industry but even also it is important for the society. I really appreciate the way in which the Indian automobile industry cooperates and because of their cooperation today it is a time for all of us that we are launching the Bharat NCAP programme."

Regarding the programme, the Minister said: "It was a mission of the government. Cost of testing from abroad is Rs 2.5 crore and in India under the Bharat NCAP it is Rs 60 lakhs. And with global standards your market is going to increase. I am really happy that it is helpful for the consumers. By the star rating people can understand the quality of the product and now we are going to create awareness in the mind of the people."

He also said that there is a huge demand for higher star rating vehicles.

"People are cautious about safety, pollution. People want to use different type of fuel. If anywhere there is a new alternative available then they are ready to use," he said.

"Today we have got a request to test and certify 30 models from several manufacturers. We have received 30 vehicles for the rating under Bharat NCAP and I am happy with the response."

Gadkari also highlighted that India is facing two important challenges -- one is road accidents and another is air pollution, and "in some way our Ministry is responsible for that".

He said that every year 5 lakh accidents and 1.5 lakh deaths takes place in India.

"Every day 1,100 accidents and 400 deaths and every hour 47 accidents and 18 deaths. 70 per cent death is of 18 to 34 years and loss of GDP is 3.14 per cent."

He also said head on collisions killed 27,000 people, while 18,000 died due to side collisions.

Emphasising on saving lives, Gadkari said that "this is the time we have highest priority for how we can save the lives of the people and road safety is the most important thing for that".

"But it is not that only the automobile industry is responsible, somewhere road engineering is a big problem."

The Minister further said that at the same time the other important factor is automobile engineering. But these are the things we need to improve. He also said that now the market is not only cost-centric but quality centric.

"Now the most important thing which I feel is that the market, the market is not cost centric, but it quality centric. The automotive market in India has been changing lately with consumer's focus shifting from being cost-centric to quality-centric," he said.

He also said that "our dream is to make Indian Automobile industry above Rs 15 lakh crore".

"When I had taken charge as the Minister, our industry in the world was at number seven. Now just two to three months before we have surpassed Japan and now are at number three. First is China and second is US."

Gadkari also said that many of the Indian brands of two wheelers are already exporting 50 per cent of their production and there is also a lot of technologically changes particularly in the form of using different type of fuels.

"I am very sure about it that as far as cost is concerned we are very very competitive in the world and in the quality point of view if you are equal to that anywhere whatever the cost maybe in US even I am confident that a day will come that we will be equally reasonable with China also and day will come that people will prefer cost wise and quality wise that they will prefer our vehicle first," he said, adding that for that reason there is huge potential available for the export.

"The dream of Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) to make India a 5 trillion economy is the basic backbone of the automobile industry, which is one of the largest employers, biggest export and biggest tax payer sector for the government. This industry is giving maximum GST to the state and the Central government. He also asserted that the mission is to make India number one in manufacturing hub in the world."


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