India’s biggest software exporter just got itself a millennial makeover after 15 years

India’s biggest software exporter just got itself a millennial makeover after 15 years
Tata Consultancy Services rebrands itself after 15 yearsBCCL
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has rebranded itself after 15 years to speak to millennials.
  • The company’s new tagline is ‘Building on Belief’, from ‘Experience Certainty’.
  • According to the company’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), ‘Building on Belief’ does not mean that the company is letting go of its proposition of the certainty it offers its clients.
India’s biggest information technology (IT) services company, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), announced its rebranding after 15 years. The tagline for TCS is no longer ‘Experience Certainty’ but ‘Building on Belief’.

The decision to rebrand TCS began nearly a year ago. The company ran a survey across more than a 100 of its clients and 200 employees to restructure its public image.

“We felt early on in the year, we wanted to develop a new brand statement… which is reflective of who we are as an organisation today,” said Rajashree R, company’s chief marketing officer (CMO).

The company did not share the amount of investment that went into the rebranding exercise but explained that the new brand statement will be activated over the next few weeks.

According to Rajashree, the new tagline is geared towards speaking to millennials — not just about where TCS is currently, but where the company is aspiring to go within the next decade. She explained that it is focused on bringing the voice of the ‘young TCS’ to the forefront.


However, the decision comes at a time when clients are looking for certainty amid the volatility of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are not vacating the experience certainty proposition, this is an evolution and we’re building on it. Certainty is still a very core proposition by the company,” explained Rajashree.

Belief, building and branding
‘Building on belief’ is centred around the proposal that Indian IT service behemoth is a “community of builders,” said Rajashree.

And, its proposal to build on ‘belief’ hinges on four pillars — world belief, customer belief, the company’s own belief and individual belief. “There are some core beliefs with which we all operate,” said Rajashree.

The brand has attached four promises to its new image — it is for good, bring everything, know how and mastering the journey.

It envisions equality in boardrooms, the eradication of the pandemic from the planet, and bringing about sustainability. “A place where we can breathe,” said the TCS promo. New ad is likely to come out after a few weeks.

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