Reliance Jio vs Airtel plans compared

Reliance Jio vs Airtel plans compared
Jio and Airtel are among the leading telecom services providers in India. While the arrival of Jio saw the exit of quite a many smaller operators in this sector, Airtel has effectively managed to thrive in the market to this day, often presenting a tough competition to Jio.

The various plans and packages offered by these two telecom giants wage a tough battle in this sector trying to lure customers to their side. ‘Jio Vs Airtel plans’ is an interesting and useful study that can surface several insights about their pricing strategies.

A comparative study of their plans will help make an informed decision when it comes to subscribing to the plans offered by these companies.

1 GB per day Jio vs Airtel plans

In the 1 GB per day plans segment, Jio’s plans have a definite price advantage over Airtel’s plans. While Jio offers its 28 days plan at ₹209, the same costs ₹265 with Airtel. Similarly, Jio’s 24 days plan is priced at ₹179 while you will have to buy this plan from Airtel paying ₹239.


Jio 28 days₹209
Jio 24 days₹179
Jio 20 days₹149
Airtel 28 days₹265
Airtel24 days₹239
Airtel21 days₹209

1.5 GB per day Jio vs Airtel plans

It is a bit tricky to compare between Jio and Airtel plans in the 1.5 GB per day segment as the number of plans sharing the same validity period is quite less.

Jio336 days₹2545
Jio84 days₹783
Jio84 days₹666
Airtel84 days₹719
Airtel77 days₹666
Airtel56 days₹479
Airtel28 days₹299

2 GB per day Jio vs Airtel plans

Studying the 2 GB per day plans by Jio and Airtel of 84 days validity, we find Airtel’s plan to be a cost saver. Jio offers this plan for a price of ₹1066, while this plan costs only ₹839 with Airtel.

Jio365 days₹2,879
Jio84 days₹1,066
Jio56 days₹799
Airtel365 days₹2,999
Airtel84 days₹839
Airtel28 days₹359
Airtel30 days₹319

3 GB per day Jio vs Airtel plans

While you need to do some homework to compare between the Jio and Airtel plans in the 3GB per day segment, we can easily compare between the plans with 28 days validity by these providers.

Jio365 days₹4,199
Jio84 days₹1,199
Jio28 days₹601
Airtel56 days₹699
Airtel28 days₹599